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Hey everyone just a quick journal updating you guys on some things.

Commissions are still open!
For anyone who is interested/didn't know before, I'm still accepting commissions so don't be afraid to shoot me a note.

Prices/additional info here:  COMMISSIONS OPEN!I have a lot of free time now so I've decided to reopen PayPal commissions! 

Single character animations: $15AUD
+$5 per additional character

Single Pokemon/creature animations: $10AUD
+$4 per additional Pokemon/creature
Zero Time Dilemma: Sigma and Phi by TimTam13
Single full body character: $20AUD
+$10 per additional character
Single character head shot/portrait: $10AUD
+$5 per additional character
Single half body character: $15AUD
+$7 per additional character
Contact me via DA notes, twitter DM or email. I will get back to you ASAP!
Please leave 1-2 weeks after payment has been confirmed for your commission to be completed unless I have

Commission examples: Chibi Crossnette by TimTam13Escaron commission by TimTam13

Thank you to everyone that has commissioned me already! Your support means a lot :D

New Redbubble designs in store
I've made a few new designs available in my Redbubble store so be sure to check them out if interested!
Among the new designs is my recent Undertale artwork: Undertale Anniversary by TimTam13

These new designs are much higher quality since they are exported straight from the .fla files which I had lost in my old laptop for the previous designs. This means that they're now available as shirts, hoodies and more as opposed to just stickers/mugs.

Link to store:…

Any and all support would be appreciated!

If anyone has any characters/series they'd like me to draw/animate, definitely let me know. A lot of the time I find myself struggling to find something to draw so I could always take on some suggestions from time to time.

Other than that, follow me on twitter I guess. It's mostly me spazzing out over various anime/gaming things like how I just marathoned 14 eps of Re:Zero to catch up in time for the finale (btw Rem best girl. Expect fan art soon), waifu deaths in Danganronpa anime or me being mad over Kingdom Hearts delays. Mostly spazzing by myself so it'd be cool to have others to spazz with. Oh and I post art too.

I'll start posting WIPs and random sketches as well.

My twitter:

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! 
I have a lot of free time now so I've decided to reopen PayPal commissions! 


Chibi Breath of the Wild Link by TimTam13 Bro... Where are your clothes?? by TimTam13 Link and Zelda valentines day by TimTam13 NRG|Nairo and ZSS by TimTam13

Single character animations: $15AUD
+$5 per additional character

Little Legendary Birds by TimTam13 Chibi Eeveelutions animated by TimTam13 Chibi Kanto Starters by TimTam13

Single Pokemon/creature animations: $10AUD
+$4 per additional Pokemon/creature

Mob by TimTam13 The Heroine Appears by TimTam13 I challenge my fate! by TimTam13 Bayonetta by TimTam13

Single full body character: $20AUD
+$10 per additional character

Single character head shot/portrait: $10AUD
+$5 per additional character

Single half body character: $15AUD
+$7 per additional character


Contact me via DA notes, twitter DM or email. I will get back to you ASAP!

Please leave 1-2 weeks after payment has been confirmed for your commission to be completed unless I have a long queue in which case I will notify you in the beginning.

I realise my art style has been all over the place as I experiment so if you wish to commission a particular art style of mine, let me know! I will try to replicate it to the best of my ability.

All prices negotiable.
Recently opened up a redbubble store in case anyone would be interested in having my artwork printed on stickers, mugs etc.

Not sure how the sizing will look on the final physical products but any support is appreciated!

As you may or may not have noticed I have been mostly absent for the past 4-5 months or so. The reasoning for the first couple of months on absence was due to me focusing on my studies for my year 12 exams and after that it was due to my lack of a computer to draw digitally or upload from. I was still around every now and then from my mobile to reply to comments etc.

Well I HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN A COMPUTER. That said I don't really know how active I will be from now on since I've been out of the loop for a while and haven't drawn at all in months. Not to mention my uni course starts in 2 weeks.

Most of my free time I spent without a laptop was playing my 3DS hours on end hatching eggs (trying to breed shiny pokemon T-T) and attending to my Animal Crossing residents. I have a feeling my next few fanarts will be from one of these games. So I guess if anyone wants to add me (we could play together :D) then feel free to add me and leave your FC in the comments or something
My FC: 3540-0312-3799

Hope people actually read this and I hope to be around more often and getting back into drawing for you people :D (If theres anyone still around)

I'll be back soon

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 13, 2013, 8:26 PM

Just quick update letting people know that I'm not dead and that I will hopefully be back to being more active in 2 months or so. 2 months from today is the day of my final exam so after that I have no worries for the next 4 months after so I'll be drawing a lot more.

As always, I'll still be around to check messages so if you have any questions or feedback etc then feel free to post them :)

Semi Hiatus?

Journal Entry: Thu May 2, 2013, 4:28 AM

Sup guys I'm not going to be uploading as much over the coming months since my schoolwork and assessments are really picking up and any time that I find for drawing will be scarce so no big projects or animations will likely be coming from me any time soon sorry. I'll still be around answering questions etc or maybe uploading some simple drawings/animations.

I will however be dedicating a lot of time to working on my folio work for my design subject which counts for 40% of my total mark for that subject so if some of that stuff turns out good I might upload them here :D

Well hope you guys can stick around until I get fully active again. Until then see you later :D

Also if you guys who are waiting on commissions are willing to wait I will do them after I am more free from schoolwork but if you cannot wait I will try to find an earlier opportunity. If this is you then please message me. If not then I will assume you can wait haha

Just some updates

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 18, 2013, 12:23 AM

Just posting this to let you guys know whats up in terms of commissions, submissions and contests etc.

Well as some of you may know, I am in my final and most important year of high school and as a result, my time available for drawing has been majorly decreased since last year when I was submitting multiple deviations a week. This has forced me to keep commissions closed for even longer than I had initially planned since I had less time to complete the ones that I have already accepted.

For now I will try and finish up those commissions as well as squeezing in some fanarts here and there and will only reopen my commissions once I longer need to put in the same amount of study as I do now which will probably be the end of the year.

Hopefully you guys can stick with me through my semi inactivity until I get back into the full swing of things :)

Also if anyone has any drawing suggestions or competitions you know of them throw them my way and I'll look into them when I get an opportunity.

Here is a list of my current commissions (sorry for the wait). If I have left you out please contact me ASAP so I can add you to the list :D

1. Contest prize for :iconsteffiesilva:
2. OC drawing for :iconarccrimsonhart:
3. Finish off Okita x Kagura drawing for :iconjellagelachin:

1000 watchers O_O

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 14, 2013, 9:27 PM

Hey guys, so I just hit 1000 watchers today which is pretty insane. Never would I have thought when joining this site that at least 1000 people would be interested in my art :D

So I'd just like to thanks every single watcher especially  the first few who have stuck with me from the beginning. Hopefully you will continue to follow me and hopefully I can keep you guys satisfied as I try new things and juggle drawing with schoolwork.

This is my final year of high school so when exams and such come around I won't have much time to draw at all as I will be studying nearly full time during those periods haha

Also I'm thinking that when I accumulate sufficient points for prizes, I will hold another contest since a lot of people seemed to enjoy the last one. So if anyone has any cool contest ideas or would like to donate points/artworks for prizes then that'd be awesome. This is all just ideas though since I have no idea what sort of contest to do as well as not having enough points for prizes. If I made a contest it would be a fanart contest since it appeals to more people as well as it being easier to get ideas as oppose to those "draw my OC" contest where it is too restricted. I would still want a theme for it though.

I guess that would be my way of giving back to all my watchers :)

Once again thank you all :D

Forgotten Commissions and tasks

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 31, 2013, 9:28 PM

Recently a deviant notified me that I had forgotten about their commission from about a year ago so after sifting through pages and pages of notes I found the request. This was before I realized you can 'star' important notes to keep track of them. So I offered them a full refund or if they still wanted me to complete the commission.

So if I had forgotten about this one then maybe I forgot about others o.O I know I have abandoned a few commissions because the commissioner never replied/paid after I contacted them or completed part of the commission. Since some of my commissions were requested in comment sections where they are hard to find and keep track of.

So if you are a person still waiting on a commission or even a trade which I may have forgotten about then please contact me to remind me of the request or ask for a full refund.

Here is a list of commissions/trades I am currently aware of and working on:
1. :iconjellagelachin:-Kagura and Okita drawing (about 50% done)
2. :iconarccrimsonhart:-2 OC drawings (had completed the male OC but file was erased due to PC shutdown)
3. :iconzel-duh:-Light and Star OC animation
4. :iconsteffiesilva:-Contest prize request

Sorry if I did forget any but please contact me if I did. i will add you to the list. Just making sure i'm not ripping anybody off. :)

Finally decided to do a tag thing

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 26, 2013, 6:40 PM

I have been tagged soo many times since I've been on here but usually I just end up forgetting to do it or don't have the time so. Well here is your chance to learn some minor facts about me.

Got tagged by :iconbunnyliou:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 4 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs.
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 4 people.

Too lazy to tag more people xD

1: Have many tags have you been through? I've been though 2!
First one I ended up doing haha
2: Any good manga recommendations for the store? Gots a gift card needin' to be spendin'!
My all time favorite manga is One Piece. If you like Fairy Tail you will probably like One Piece :D Although it has nearly 70 volumes so I don't think a gift card will cut it.
3: How about anime? I have a long list already, but a little more doesn't hurt!
Don't know what your taste in anime is but I'll just list a few relatively short series that I thought were good. Steins Gate, Death Note, Bakuman, Kuroko No Basket and a lot of others
4: How many animes/manga have you seen?! Alot I bet....
Too many animes to count. I've only read the manga's of ongoing series to know what happens next like fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto and Bleach so not too many mangas
5: I feel like I need a weapon.... How about you?
Gotta be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse
6: Magicland ticket! You can now World Hop anywhere! where you choose?
Pokemon so I can spend the rest of my life travelling the world catching and battling Pokemon
7: J-pop, K-pop, Classical, rock, classical rock...ect. Whats your fave type?! And what band/ song from that catagory?
Not too picky with my music so I have a bit of everything. Can't choose a favorite though.
8: Saying fave type makes my brain weird. So. What's your fave type? As in Boys? (Now I'm all gossipy!!!!! XD)
hahahahahaha (I am a boy)
9: You're feet every feel so cold as if they're gonna freeze? I have, it's cold....
Nope it's summer here in Australia and it's boiling hot
10: Well, that you for taking this survey~! (It's actually a tag, but it's also a survey, for ME!) Did you enjoy?
No problem it was fun :)

Tumblr posts and drawing suggestions

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2013, 5:25 PM

So one day I was just casually browsing through google images and I decided to type in my username to see what would come up. It turns out some of my drawings were also posted to tumblr as well as deviantart. I don't have a problem with this, in fact I think it's awesome people wanted the images to be shared and the credit and source was included. What really surprised me was the amount of notes a couple of them had xD… this one had more notes than faves here on deviantart.… This one had less notes than faves on deviantart but still a fair amount.

I'm glad some people on tumblr enjoy my works as well even if I don't have an artblog (I have a tumblr but I only use it to follow). So if you have a tumblr it would be awesome if you could like/reblog these posts :D

Also if anyone finds anymore of my art on tumblr then it would great if you could give me a link.

I will also try taking on suggestions on what to draw/animate from anybody so just leave a comment if you would like anything whether it be pokemon to animate or particular series to draw from or what type of art you would want. But keep in mind that these are only suggestions and I probably won't be able to do them all. I'll also start posting some 'what to animate next' polls again as well ^^

And finally those couple of people still waiting on non animated commissions, I am slowly getting there. I'm trying to practice more anatomy and coloring in SAI. Sorry for the wait :)

Vote for me again :D

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2012, 3:01 PM
Hey guys been sick for the last half week or so so couldn't do anything let alone draw. Slowly starting to feel better though.

So yeah it would be awesome if anyone could vote for me and my partner here:…

We're losing at the moment but theres still a small chance of catching up haha. Getting any friends etc to vote would be awesome too

Also sorry for commissions still being closed. I still need to finish 2 non animated commissions which I am very rusty at. Hopefully commissions can reopen by next year :)

Exams over and vote for me :D

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 25, 2012, 9:02 PM

So exams are finally over and the holidays are coming up which means I will have a lot more free time to draw and complete commissions etc.

Also it would be awesome if you guys could vote for me and my partner here:…

The votes are pretty close so hopefully this could give us a push to win the round :)

Also if anyone has any cool ideas for any fanarts you want then just let me know and I might do it if I like it and have free time

Exam Week

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 19, 2012, 2:44 AM

So all my exams are this week so I will be too busy preparing and studying for them to draw. So that means that no commissions will be completed this week either. Sorry for the long wait haha When I reopen commissions I will also open paypal commissions as well as use slots as to not get too overflowed with tasks/commissions.

Also a couple more of my drawings reached over 1000 faves which is pretty awesome for me.
These ones: Chibi Eeveelutions animated by TimTam13 Chibi Link skydive by TimTam13
Also just reached 600 watchers a few days ago so thank you all :D

I'm also taking suggestions for any more pokemon to animate :)

And yeah I used a journal skin for the first time because my profile is looking pretty boring and Totoro is cool..

My exams are coming up in around 2 weeks and I am dedicating a lot of my time at home to studying so I have less time for drawing. Sorry for all the people waiting on commissions/prizes/trades etc. Please be patient a little while longer ^^

On another note, one of deviations reached over 1000 faves for the first time :D It was this one: Chibi Link animated by TimTam13 It's a huge milestone for me since when I first joined DA and saw all these amazing drawings with over 1000 faves and thought that it'd be impossible for me and I'd never get reach that. So it was really surprising. I also reach over 450 watchers! Thank you :) I love you all.
Since the number of commissions I have are starting to pile up I will no longer be accepting any more commissions until further notice. All the people whose commissions I have already accepted will still get their commission of course :D I think the problem started from me being too nice and accepting everyone who wanted a commission despite my slow work speed and lack of time xD

I will probably reopen them after I have completed all or at least most of my current commissions which could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a number of months. When they reopen I will probably start using slots to avoid any build up again haha

If anyone was looking to commission me, I apologize and please be patient. You can still contact me if you want and I could reserve a slot or something for you :D
The school holidays have just started so for 2 weeks I will have much more time to try and finish off any commissions/trades/prizes etc. I still have to dedicate some time to studying though haha I also might try to do some more non-animated and non-chibi artworks like I used to if I have some free time ^^

Also the character polls are resumed so make sure to vote to determine who I animate next :D

I apologize to all the people who have been waiting a long time for their commissions. I'll try to get them done soon.

Commissions are still open although as I said, I am pretty busy so be prepared to wait xD
Info here:…

Thank you to all the people who commissioned as I have managed to regain all those points I lost a couple months back and more ^^ Also thank you once again to all the people who entered my contest and helped to make it a success :)
This was my first time holding a contest so I apologize if it was unorganized or if there isn't many prizes xD Despite that a lot more people entered than I expected :D Thank you so much! I'm grateful people wanted to participate. I was kinda worried at the start that no one would enter xD I will now announce the winners. There were so many awesome entries that it was incredibly hard to pick out which ones I liked best :/ It took me like an hour of staring at all the entries xD If you didn't place in the top 3 then don't worry because you will still get a consolation prize ^^

:bulletred:FIRST PLACE:bulletred:
:iconmisstirius: with her entry: Powerpuff Fairies Z by misstirius
You win:
:bulletgreen: 50 :points:
:bulletgreen: 1 fanart animation from me
:bulletgreen: 1 full colour chibi, a week long feature and a llama from :iconjellagelachin:
:bulletgreen: week long feature from :iconoinochoe:
:bulletgreen: 1 half body drawing from :iconepicninjaartist:

:bulletred:SECOND PLACE:bulletred:
:iconsteffiesilva: with her entry: CrossPlay Contest Entry 8D by SteffieSilva
You win:
:bulletgreen: 30 :points:
:bulletgreen: Share half of a crossover animation by me with 3rd place (request 1 character each and I will do a crossover of them)
:bulletgreen: 1 full colour chibi and a llama from :iconjellagelachin:
:bulletgreen: 1 Drawing from :iconryuukeru:
:bulletgreen: 1 half body drawing of any character from :iconbunnyliou:
:bulletgreen: chibi drawing from :iconinsanexyuki:

:bulletred:THIRD PLACE:bulletred:
:iconiidolphinx3: with her entry: CE ASUNA AND MIKU by iiDolphinx3
You win:
:bulletgreen: 20 :points:
:bulletgreen: Share half of a crossover animation by me with 2nd place (request 1 character each and I will do a crossover of them)
:bulletgreen: 1 full chibi of any character from :iconbunnyliou:
:bulletgreen: chibi drawing from :iconinsanexyuki:
Congrats and thank you all for entering ^^ I will be sending 5 :points: to all the people below as a consolation prize :)
:iconnna12::iconleedleleedleleee::iconchaoticmiraclexv::iconmsu82::iconryuukeru::icondefineblue::iconbunnyliou::iconkaiyaru::iconakiyata: :iconmiyeong: :iconqueen-of-cute::iconseberechan::iconxsweetlollipop::iconprincesshanyou::iconheirozen::iconhunterk::iconcheetany::iconadelaide-chrome::iconpeachberrydivision::iconmelsmin97:
EDIT: Sorry for spamming this journal xD It's just to alert anyone who is still working on an entry. The deadline is today so please submit any final entries you may have ^^ if you wish to have  more time to finish it then please contact me and I will push the deadline back :D. I will commence judging tomorrow and hopefully have the final results by then :)


Yo so it as I said in my other journal, I would hold a contest if people were actually interested and it turned out people actually were xD
So here it is :D

it will be a chibi fanart contest with a crossover theme.

:bulletgreen: Draw a chibi fanart that is a crossover of some sort (eg. a character cosplaying as a character from another series or 2 characters from different series interacting etc)
:bulletgreen: All forms of art will be allowed so traditional, digital and animations will all be allowed
:bulletgreen: Entries will be judged by me and maybe a poll or something as well. You do not have to be amazing at drawing to win as I will judge based on the originality and creativity of the crossover. Of course being good at drawing will also help ^^

:bulletred:1st place
:bulletgreen: 50 :points:
:bulletgreen: 1 fanart animation from me
:bulletgreen: 1 full colour chibi, a week long feature and a llama from :iconjellagelachin:
:bulletgreen: week long feature from :iconoinochoe:
:bulletgreen: 1 half body drawing from :iconepicninjaartist:

:bulletred:2nd place
:bulletgreen: 30 :points:
:bulletgreen: Share half of a crossover animation by me with 3rd place (request 1 character each and I will do a crossover of them)
:bulletgreen: 1 full colour chibi and a llama from :iconjellagelachin:
:bulletgreen: 1 Drawing from :iconryuukeru:
:bulletgreen: 1 half body drawing of any character from :iconbunnyliou:
:bulletgreen: chibi drawing from :iconinsanexyuki:

:bulletred:3rd place
:bulletgreen: 20 :points:
:bulletgreen: Share half of a crossover animation by me with 2nd place (request 1 character each and I will do a crossover of them)
:bulletgreen: 1 full chibi of any character from :iconbunnyliou:
:bulletgreen: chibi drawing from :iconinsanexyuki:

:bulletred:All entries
:bulletgreen: Every entry will be featured here for the duration of the contest
:bulletgreen: Anyone who enters will receive 5 :points: for participating (unless you come 1st/2nd/3rd)

Don't want people to leave empty handed if they enter haha

Prize donations would be very welcome
:bulletgreen: Chibi Contest Entry For TimTam13 Contest by NNA12 Yuuki from Vampire Knight in Asakura Nemu from Da Capo's clothes by :iconnna12:
:bulletgreen: BRS VS RIN (contest entry for timtam13) by LEEDLELEEDLELEEE BRS and Rin by :iconleedleleedleleee:
:bulletgreen: Powerpuff Fairies Z by misstirius Lucy, Erza and Gray dressed as the girls from Powerpuff girls Z by :iconmisstirius:
:bulletgreen: Sailor Sakura- Chibi Crossover Contest Entry by ChaoticMiracleXV Card Captor Sakura as a 'Sailor' from Sailor Moon by :iconchaoticmiraclexv:
:bulletgreen: 'Zuko Hatake' Naruto Shipuuden X A:TLA by :iconmsu82:
:bulletgreen: CrossOver = Two swords collide by Ryuukeru Asuna (SAO) cosplaying Erza (Fairy Tail) and vice versa by :iconryuukeru:
:bulletgreen: CrossPlay Contest Entry 8D by SteffieSilva Chichiro and Haku from spirited away cosplaying Chibi Totoro and Totoro by :iconsteffiesilva:
:bulletgreen: Xover: Staples or Scissors? by DefineBlue Hitagi from Bakemonogatari and Akashi from Kuroko no Basket by :icondefineblue:
:bulletgreen: Fairy Tail: Pikachu Evolution by bunnyliou Natsu, Lucy and Happy cosplaying as the Pikachu evolution by :iconbunnyliou:
:bulletgreen: it's MAGIC by Kaiyaru Mephisto(Ao No Exorcist) with Kaito (Detective Conan) and Kimblee (FMA:Brotherhood) weating each others clothes by :iconkaiyaru:
:bulletgreen: Crossover: Fairy Tail - Death Note by Akiyata Gray, Loke and Gajeel (Fairy Tail) crossover with Light, L and Ryuk (Death Note) by :iconakiyata:
:bulletgreen::thumb326950615: Momoko Hanasaki as Meimi Haneoka with Jama P by :iconmiyeong:
:bulletgreen: Incognito Once-Ler Version 2 by Queen-Of-Cute Once-ler as a Lorax by :iconqueen-of-cute:
:bulletgreen: D. Gray Man VS No 6 [crossover] by SebereChan D.Gray Man X No. 6 crossover comic by :iconseberechan:
:bulletgreen::thumb327663270: Azusa from K-On cosplaying Hatsune Miku by :iconxsweetlollipop:
:bulletgreen: Contest entry- Alphonse is happy, Happy is not... by PrincessHanyou Alphonse from FMA and Happy from Fairy Tail by :iconprincesshanyou:
:bulletgreen: Sakura Mix And Match by Queen-Of-Cute Sakura (Cardcaptor) cosplaying Sakura (Naruto) by :iconqueen-of-cute:
:bulletgreen: Yu-Gi-E... by Heirozen Yu Gi Oh characters as Terra e characters by :iconheirozen:
:bulletgreen: [Chibi Cross-over] Sailor Miku? by HunterK Sailor Moon cosplaying Hatsune Miku by :iconhunterk:
:bulletgreen: Allen and Rin by Cheetany Allen (D Gray Man and Rin (Blue Exorcist) by :iconcheetany:
:bulletgreen: Ao no Exorcist x Gurren Lagann Cosplay by Adelaide-Chrome Shura (blue Exorcist) and Yoko (Gurren Lagann) cosplaying each other by :iconadelaide-chrome:
:bulletgreen: Aomine (Kuroko's Basketball) and Grimmjow (Bleach) by :iconpeachberrydivision:
:bulletgreen: Konoha Tail by MelsMin97 Fairy Tail X Naruto by :iconmelsmin97:
:bulletgreen: CE ASUNA AND MIKU by iiDolphinx3 Asuna (SAO) and Hatsune Miku by :iconiidolphinx3:
Deadline is on the 20/9/2012. Spread the word if you can and hopefully enough people enter :S To submit an entry just link it here or note me a link :D
Since I got donated a premium membership recently, I now have some points to spare so I thought maybe a contest or something would be a nice way to give some away ^^ I don't really have much more use of them other than to commission others etc. I have no idea what kind of contest it would be though and I don't know if anyone would be interested in entering xD I have a lot of free time at the moment but probably not for long as school is getting more intense -_-

So if anyone has any ideas for a contest, be willing to donate a prize or would just be interested in general than comment here.

Some random contest ideas that I could do:
-chibi fanart contest
-animation contest (unlikely since there are not many animators around xD)

Thats all I got LOLOL

Prizes I could donate:
-100 :points: (distributed between 1st, runner ups etc)
-a chibi fanart animation for winner
Prizes from others:
-Full colour chibi(this colouring style:…)+Llama+1 week feature for 1st place from :iconjellagelachin:
-Full colour chibi(this colouring for 2nd place from :iconjellagelachin:
More prize donations would be welcome :D

If no one/not enough people are interested then I probably wouldn't be bothered doing it since I've never done any other contest before haha

I'll leave this journal here for awhile.